Augmented Reality Labels

Nuprint are at the forefront of technological change in the labelling industry, which is why we’ve invested heavily in the development of new augmented reality (AR) solutions. AR allows a brand to combine the real world with the digital world, creating a unique experience for consumers to connect with their products.

Millennials are a highly desirable consumer base for brands. They can be particularly difficult to impress, having grown up during a period of technological advancements, in a connected world. The vast majority of millennials now own smartphones and have grown accustomed to AR technology through the success of apps such as Pokemon Go and IKEA Place. AR allows brands to create more meaningful experiences for this segment, helping to increase engagement and brand loyalty to ultimately create a stronger connection.


Nuprint can help your business tap into the potential of AR packaging solutions through its existing suite of services. At a time when marketing departments are spending more on digital advertising than ever before, and mobile use outstrips desktop use, brands are sitting on an enormous opportunity to utilise the latest technology to bring their products to life. AR packaging can be applied across a diverse range of industries such as food a drink, consumer products and clothing items. The digital nature of AR means that it can provide a real-time, immersive and fully measurable marketing solution that is much more cost-effective than traditional or online advertising.

Features Of Augmented Reality Labels

– AR allows brands to combine the digital world with the real world.
– It can help you create more meaningful connections with consumers.
– The majority of millennials now own smartphones and are familiar with this technology.
– Real-time measurable results on your marketing investment.
– Immersive, real-time experiences.