Dairy Labels

Our company has been working with dairy producers for over 30 years. We understand that to succeed in this industry, products must be eye-catching, and have a ‘choose me’ rather than a ‘me too’ design. We also understand that you need a durable product, one that can withstand cold temperatures and wet environments. We offer fast turnaround times, cost effective and premium solutions as well as unrivalled experience and technical capability.

The dairy industry is at the heart of our business and we offer high-quality labels for products such as milk, butter, yoghurt, cream and cheese. Our highly experienced team will work with your designers and marketing team to produce a standout product using the best materials – fully scratch-resistant and secure in wet and cold conditions. We are continually looking at new ways to support the dairy industry such as incorporating QR codes and Augmented Reality to bring your products to life.


We can create highly tactile labels with debossing, our peel and reveal labels can help you to increase space on your packaging –maximising the impact of your design. Nuprint can also create matt or gloss contrast with metallic cold foiling in any shade.

Quality and Consistency

We produce a high volume of dairy labels on a consistent basis. We can utilise our BST International Shark 4,000 LEX inspection system to ensure consistency of colour, design and text on each of your products. Through our X-Rite Colour Management Technology we can create precise and consistent colour-matching. Nuprint offer numerous vibrant colour choices and can work with you to ensure you get the best price for your labelling.


Nuprint is one of the few label manufacturers in the UK and Ireland providing direct food contact packaging. We have BRC AA High Hygiene Certification. We are also approved by Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH to print security ink-marked sleeves that support recycling.

Who we work with

Over the past 30 years, we’ve worked with some of the leading dairy brands including Coolree Creamery, Willowbrook Foods, Aurivo Consumer Foods and Nomadic Dairy.

Dairy Labels
Dairy Labels
Dairy Labels
Dairy Labels

Features Of Dairy Labels

– Dairy products that stand out.
– 30 years of industry experience.
– Durable labels that are scratch resistant and can withstand cold temperatures.
– Innovative solutions such as AR and QR codes to bring your brand to life.
– International Shark 4,000 LEX inspection system to ensure consistency of colour, design and text.
– X-Rite Colour Management Technology for consistent colour matching
– BRC AA High Hygiene Certification.
– Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH accreditation to support recycling.
– Fast turnaround.