Whiskey Labels

Nuprint has an extensive track record of supporting leading Whiskey brands for over 30 years through providing premium packaging at cost-effective rates. We understand that whiskey bottles come in all shapes, sizes and materials and we can provide fast turnaround times to get your products to customers quickly and effectively. Our combination of experience and technical capability can help you to create a standout product in a highly competitive industry.

Always keen to embrace new materials and techniques, we’re constantly researching and experimenting to ensure our clients benefit from the latest innovations in label and sleeve finishing. A trusted partner to many leading global brands, Nuprint has developed a skill in adding those final finishing touches that make your brand stand out.

Our Specialist Finishes Include


Used in short, medium and long print runs on any materials embossing adds luxury to any label, making products really stand out on the shelf. Creating a raised effect on the label, embossing can be done in conjunction with hot and cold foiling and is often used in the drinks industry to produce graphics that really pop.


Debossing does exactly the opposite, ‘sinking’ the design further into the label rather than raising it – creating a tactile experience.

Hot & Cold Foiling

To add that show-stopping embellishment to your labels, foiling is ideal for premium products, something many of our food and drinks industry clients can attest to. At Nuprint, our Nilpeter press can also print ink of any colour on top of cold foil, giving our clients an even more unique look to their labels. Designs can have customised foiling coverage depending on your artwork and can be made as cost-effective as possible with the expert advice from our design team.

Holographic & Embossed Foiling

Holographic and embossed foiling are other options and, if you’re looking for an even more cost-effective way to create a cold foil look without actually using foil, then our metallic inks are ideal. We can print CMYK and white onto metallic face materials with our conventional UV and digital presses, delivering a similar effect to foil with that same premium finish. With a wide range of metallic colours to choose from, including semi-translucent, bright silver and gold, satin silver and gold and brushed foils, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Peel & Reveal Labels

Nuprint can provide customers with both two and three-ply peel and reveal labels, offering the choice of three and five printable sides respectively, with a variety of colour choices. Popular within the food and drinks industry, these are ideal for promotions, competitions and in sharing brand stories, and can be printed on both our conventional UV and digital presses. Peel and reveal coupons allow more information to be printed onto your labels without taking up any extra space, particularly useful for the pharmaceutical industry, when including ingredients and legal information. They also provide the opportunity for increased personalisation for brands.

Silk Screen

Using a UV Rotary Screen process which allows us to print high volumes of ink onto packaging, Nuprint can produce labels which are bright, bold and tactile. Popularly used for wine, spirits, cosmetic and personal care products the silk screen effect works particularly well on transparent backgrounds.

Interactive Print

Always keen to embrace new technology, Nuprint offers interactive print on labels, giving clients the chance to create something truly unique and exciting for their customers. Our team can embed a unique digital watermark within your printed design, which consumers can then scan to access a range of information, including recipes, competitions, coupons or social media links.

This interactive experience ultimately provides our clients with the opportunity to engage with their customers and promote their brand in a novel way. Cost-effective and without the need for a QR code, interactive print is quick and easy to install and the perfect choice for the savvy business owner.

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