Pharma, Medical & Beauty

At Nuprint we understand the strict guidelines and necessity for best practice and compliance when it comes to developing labelling and packaging for pharmaceutical, medical and beauty products. Keeping customers safe and ensuring they have correct and relevant information is essential. Labels and packaging must be legible, durable for the lifespan of the product and traceable. Our sister company, NorthWest Medical is certified with ISO13485:2015 and as such implements the highest standard for medical devices – while adopting a cleanroom philosophy, thus confirming our position as a capable and reliable partner.

Premium Labelling Solutions

When it comes to choosing the right label, Nuprint can advise you on what’s best for your brand, showing real life examples to help you decide. Whether it’s peel and reveal, self-adhesive or an option that will last a lifetime – we can provide whatever you need.

Specialist Finishes

Our attention to detail and choosing a specialist finish will make your brand stand-out from the competition. Whether it’s developing a tactile experience or an eye-catching look we have the resource and expertise to meet your brief. Combining decades of craft and tradition with the latest innovations means we can create truly unique labels and shrink sleeves.

Short Run Digital Solutions

Agile, accurate and advanced our HP digital printing service is ideal for those who require short to medium print runs in HD quality. Create vibrant labels from an eight-colour palette and is suitable for the pharmaceutical, medical and beauty industries. This printing process saves both time and energy whilst adding value to your product.

Wraparound Labels

We can produce wraparound labels on both our Conventional UV Flexo and HP Indigo digital presses. Whether you’re looking for peel and reveal labels, scratch or temperature resistant solutions, our team can work with you to find the best solution for your industry. Wraparound labels can be a cost-effective alternative to the traditional method which involves several labels adhered to one another to form a layered effect. The wraparound label is constructed as a single item, so it can loop over itself when applied to any product. We also offer double-sided printing options. An information-rich label, these labels can be applied to a number of different products – the ideal way to add necessary customer information.