Bushmills Distillery Malts

Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Ireland’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery, wanted to refresh its ‘Bushmills Malts’ range. Steeped in history, there was a desire to modernise the aged whiskey line and create a label to appeal to the contemporary whiskey drinker whilst maintaining the authenticity and history of the brand. This was a huge leap for Bushmills as it was the first time the original design had been changed and would result in a full redesign complete with new bottles. Nuprint was commissioned to help create a series of labels to support the redesign and global launch.

The new labels and design would position Bushmills as a global player with its Malt products and support expansion into the USA and Asian markets. The refresh would also differentiate the single malts from the blended product range.

Nuprint worked with Bushmills’ parent company, ‘Proximo Spirits’ – a global innovator of spirits and New-York based design agency, Stranger and Stranger to deliver the brand refresh. This included providing necessary support and advice to create a label that would fit the new bottle and look and feel.

The challenges lay in time pressure and material selection. We had to use our expertise to mitigate any potential issues with the use of the new label on the new bottle. It is our role to consider how all decisions could impact the execution and final delivery of the design. We supplied sampling at every stage and provided a full selection of choice across materials and colours for the world-leading designers at Stranger and Stranger. We agreed on a subtle but impactful approach which featured hot foiling and embellishment on uncoated labels to complement the jewel tones of the new design creating a crisp and rich feel.

We also made use of flexo-printing to accommodate the high volume print which was required creating efficiency, flexibility and consistency in label production.

The labels were rolled out across the 10 year old, 16 year old and 21 year old range globally, and across a bespoke 12 year old line in the USA exclusively. The launch resulted in exceptional sales for the company and positive customer feedback. We were delighted to support Bushmills and their partners with the relaunch that helped place Bushmills Malts on a global stage.

Nuprint is an excellent partner with Bushmills providing high quality labels, great customer service and quick resolution to issues.
Michael Dalzell, Supply Chain Manager, Old Bushmills Distillery