Bushmills Distillery Peaky Blinders

In March 2022 Nuprint was under the orders of the Peaky Blinders to produce and deliver labels for a special, limited-release whiskey line for Bushmills in America, ‘The Taste of Prohibition’. Bushmills cited at the time, “Any true Peaky Blinders fan knows that Tommy Shelby prefers Irish whiskey over all, and if you ordered a pour of Irish at the Garrison when the Shelbys ruled Birmingham, you’d be drinking a Bushmills”.

The range was launched to promote the final and sixth series of Peaky Blinders on Netflix for the US market only. Nuprint was brought in to support with the delivery of an appropriate label that would create the right look and feel for the time period, whilst creating talkability and brand appeal for the US market.

The overall objective was to create awareness of the final series airing on Netflix in America and was part of a wider marketing and PR strategy. This strategy saw the range launch on social media with a widespread reach, featured in press releases to critical acclaim and used in a pop-up Peaky Blinders bar in the heart of New York. Peaky Blinders was set in 1919 and as such any product associated with this brand had to be reflective of that. Our role was to bring together the labelling of the product with the overall marketing message in a creative way.

We worked alongside designers Stranger and Stranger in New York to create the label. Authenticity was key which impacted material selection, texture and appropriate embellishments, given our expertise and experience we were able to advise and instruct on what would be most effective and suitable. At every stage sampling was provided, and the final product was signed off in person.

A natural material was selected featuring a pencil sketch of Tommy Shelby and also elements of hot foiling. Embossing and debossing were also incorporated to help create shelf appeal. The overall impact was traditional and classic, perfect for the time period

The launch was widely successful and the product was an instant hit. A second order was required immediately due to customer demand. The results speak for themselves with this unique line still available for purchase in America.

In the words of Tommy Shelby, “Whiskey’s good proofing water. Tells you who’s real and who isn’t”. It certainly seems with this range that it really was the real deal.

Nuprint is an excellent partner with Bushmills providing high quality labels, great customer service and quick resolution to issues.
Michael Dalzell, Supply Chain Manager, Old Bushmills Distillery