Bushmills Distillery The Causeway Collection

In 2020, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Ireland’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery approached Nuprint to help produce labels for a new series of extremely rare and unique cask finished single malt whiskeys from the old Bushmills Distillery, ‘Bushmills The Causeway Collection’. In the midst of a global pandemic Nuprint would collaborate with Bushmills and its parent company, global innovator of quality spirits, Proximo to produce 19 lines in 12 countries.

The Collection presented a unique opportunity for the company to venture into the e-commerce market for the first time, and explore online sales. The collection was developed and launched during the pandemic which fundamentally changed how consumers purchased products. The limited launch was designed to appeal to whiskey collectors, connoisseurs, thought leaders and tasters and as such was targeted at specific sites and territories with a unique blend for each region. The themes of exclusivity and quality had to be reflected in the design and production of the labels.

We were proud to work alongside world-leading design agencies, Studio Minerva in London and Stranger and Stranger in New York to prepare the product for the global launch. Strategic logistics were essential to a successful collaboration given the global scale of the project. Remote working was in its infancy – but we leveraged this to enable worldwide conversations to bring this product to life.

Travel restrictions and cross Atlantic delivery were another key consideration. At Nuprint we are well-versed in collaborative work and used our adaptability and experience to ensure the process was smooth and well-run in spite of challenging and unforeseen circumstances. We supplied sampling to home addresses across the world for each stage from print to colour, material to application and to showcase the different finishing options available. Furthermore, the finished samples were used for photography for marketing purposes ahead of the launch enabling the teams to prepare fully.

As this was a limited launch with an air of exclusivity and prestige we had to ensure the labelling reflected this. We used our expertise in materials and premium finishes to advise and deliver the desired look and feel. This was achieved through multiple hot foils, embossing and debossing and using an uncoated premium textured paper substrate. We also had to contend with variable data, as there were sequential numbers on the bottles which posed another operational challenge.

The finished product was a rousing success which saw a successful entry into the ecommerce market for Bushmills. Furthermore, the consumer feedback was positive and the product continues to perform well.

Nuprint is an excellent partner with Bushmills providing high quality labels, great customer service and quick resolution to issues.
Michael Dalzell, Supply Chain Manager, Old Bushmills Distillery