Double Dutch

‘The Tonic Twins’ from The Netherlands launched their high-end, premium mixers and tonics range in 2019.  Initially, the range included two flavours: cucumber and watermelon and pomegranate and basil, the twins were inspired by their Deutch heritage (the birthplace of gin) to supply exciting mixers to complement gin.

Double Dutch approached Nuprint to help create labels for these products to support their launch to market.  The company was in its infancy and required a fast-turnaround coupled with a high quality end-label to launch into the prestigious, high-end hospitality market in London.

Working alongside the European team we harnessed our experience of high-end hospitality and knowledge of the drinks market to help deliver fit for purpose labels to support the launch.  We helped with artwork and specifications to ensure the labels were correct and met the brief for the company, and the market and customers they were planning to reach

There were a number of challenging circumstances namely around turnaround times, the launch date was fixed so we had limited time to have everything ready. We had to ensure we used the best materials to fit the brief and as such relied on testing and trials to make sure it was appropriate. We had to establish a consistency across colours whilst adapting to the use of different materials.

We delivered a successful range of premium tonic labels that were ready to be supplied across London and we like to think we embraced the company’s inspiration of ‘Joie de Vivre’ and ‘doubling of expectations’.  Double Dutch has since gone on to expand its range to 19 lines as well as receiving a host of awards.