Monster Drinks

World leading global drinks brands, Monster Energy has a multi-billion-dollar turnover in the US and Europe thanks to its high-energy carbonated drinks. When the company decided to launch its first-ever non-carbonated energy drink in the UK, it approached Nuprint to create high-spec labelling for its new packaging. The result? One of their fastest ever product launches complete with premium quality labelling. Read on to discover how we did it.

Monster Energy’s bold move of transitioning from traditional Monster Energy cans to bottles posed a big problem to overcome. Namely, recreating the iconic Monster Energy claw logo on the new bottles without losing its brand familiarity for the UK audience. The problem had both technical and design elements that needed to be addressed.

We worked directly with the Monster Energy team remotely in California, Los Angeles from our headquarters in the North West of Ireland. Monster’s Director of Innovation, Scot De Lorme, spent four days with Nuprint, working on print trials and developing the aluminium effect on the printed inks, as well as looking at background colour. Despite the challenges posed in getting a shrink sleeve onto the bottles, Nuprint’s expert technical team worked closely with our partners at Norbev to successfully apply the sleeves.

Nuprint produced premium quality labelling in record time, allowing Monster Energy one of their fastest ever product launches in June 2017. The new non-carbonated drink was an instant hit in the UK market and significant growth is predicted for the product. Nuprint is now launching another range for Monster Energy in South Africa, with products for Germany and Sweden also on the agenda.