Proper Twelve

In 2018, world-renowned Mixed-Martial-Arts fighter and celebrity, Conor McGregor launched a new whiskey brand, ‘Proper No. Twelve’. Nuprint supported Proximo with the creation of labels for this exciting venture which was designed to appeal to a younger whiskey demographic with global appeal. Working alongside parent-company, Proximo in New York and Philadelphia-based designers, WeHolden Design, we joined the international teams to deliver one of the most successful new Irish whiskey brand launches the world has seen with over 400 million bottles sold in the first year.

We provided our expert knowledge and advice in regard to facilitating a fast-turnaround and creating appropriate effects on the labels to deliver stand-out shelf appeal. The bottle was green, which was unusual for a whiskey brand and therefore colour selection for the label was key and important to get exactly right.

We worked closely with the design team to supply a full spectrum of colour choice and a gold metallic ink was deemed the perfect fit. The overall effect of the label was powerful, but understated. One of the main features was a heavy emboss on the label which created a pronounced effect on the thick uncoated paper substrate.  Bright white substrate was used to stand out against the green and to contrast with the black ink. Texture packed a punch to give this bottle a unique shelf appeal that would appeal to the masses.

We had a 24-hour label manufacture to help support the speedy launch which was shipped all across the globe.  The launch saw over 400 million bottles sold and resulted in further orders and began our relationship with Proper No. Twelve.