Sparkling Ice

Seattle-based Sparkling Ice was the fastest-growing soft drinks brand in America in 2015, and in 2016, it entered the UK and Irish markets, working with Nuprint to develop distinctive new labelling for its products. Thanks to the high-definition plates in our state-of-the-art Nilpeter FA-4* flexo press, we were able to create clear shrink sleeves for a 500ml product, sharpening the design and imagery. As a result, the sleeves were significantly enhanced and the high-quality colour ensured the packaging was clear and vibrant – something which delivered real impact on the shelf.

Our team’s technical expertise delivered the superior results Sparkling Ice required and as part of the project, we also ran small product launches for the brand.

Sparkling Ice received 100 bottles with full digital printing, so they were able to show retailers a physical product. This ultimately helped them move into full production at a much faster rate.

Initially liaising with Sparkling Ice’s US team via conference calls, a representative from the company, Kris Ladines (Talking Rain) then visited Nuprint to sign off on the work. Reacting quickly to the feedback from Kris, Nuprint was able to provide an extremely fast turnaround on the labelling, with six variations of the packaging signed off in just a day-and-a-half. With Sparkling Ice now poised to enter Europe, Nuprint is continuing to work with this growing brand in developing an additional range of products.