Vertiv E&I Engineering

Vertiv E&I Engineering is the largest supplier of electrical switchgear in Ireland and the UK and has been a client of Nuprint for several years. With a fast turnaround on production essential for the company, our team is able to produce exactly what they need quickly, supplying premium-quality safety labels on demand.

Working in a highly specialised industry, Vertiv E&I Engineering uses a range of warning and safety labels which are applied to powder-coated panels – one of the most challenging surfaces for effective adhesion. We’ve subsequently adapted the grading of the materials we supply to them, offering four different grades depending on the surfaces being targeted. For example, some of the labels produced have a polycarbonate laminate, which gives them an extra layer of protection.

One particular project required the production of 25 different types of labels for a global tech company in America, all of which had to be UL-approved and had a very tight deadline for delivery. With the labels destined for specialist machinery which required high-grade adhesive labels, our team was able to source the ULapproved materials for Vertiv E&I Engineering and supplied samples within just one day. We then ordered quantities of all the labels within three days.

Ultimately, we always ensure the right solution is delivered for every order, which is especially critical for safety labels, while our team works quickly to guarantee a fast turnaround. Now doing approximately three deliveries a week for Vertiv E&I Engineering, we understand how important it is to their business that we are reliable and can react quickly to meet their needs.