At Nuprint, we can produce self-adhesives on both our conventional UV Flexo and HP Indigo digital presses, creating unique labelling for a range of different industries. Whether you’re looking to add barcodes, statutory information, peel and reveal labels, we can help.

Self-adhesives have a variety of different applications, they can be used on food and beverage products to indicate expiration and use-by dates, they can also be added to indicate the ingredients and for barcoding and stock management within consumer goods and clothing.

Fast turnaround times and flexible service

Nuprint can deliver exceptional quality self-adhesive solutions for clients in just a few days. Through 30 years of experience and unrivalled technical expertise, we’re continually striving to give our customers industry-leading solutions. For food and dairy products, we can create labels that can withstand changes in temperature, we offer solutions ensure that your labels remain securely in place whilst your items are being transported, whether in a wet or cold environment. Whether your product is being re-heated on an airplane or in a microwave oven, our high quality labels remain in place and will retain their vibrant colour. Nuprint can work with you to create QR or barcoding solutions for your fast moving consumer goods, food, dairy or drink items.

We can work with you to find the best solution for your industry and business needs.

Self-Adhesive Labels
Self-Adhesive Labels
Self-Adhesive Labels
Self-Adhesive Labels

Features Of Self-Adhesive Solutions

– Available from UV Flexo and HR Indigo digital presses
– Numerous applications for food, drinks, consumer goods and clothing
– Fast turnaround times
– Ability to have temperature and moisture resistant products
– QR and barcoding solutions