Shrink Sleeves

With 360° design coverage on cans, bottles and containers, shrink sleeves are an innovative alternative in packaging and are suitable for short, medium and long print runs. At Nuprint, we can produce shrink sleeves on both our Conventional UV Flexo and HP Indigo digital presses, creating truly unique labelling. Increasingly used in the food and drink sectors, as well as for cleaning, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other products, shrink sleeves provide a cost-effective packaging solution with added shelf appeal. Norbev Ltd Contract Bottlers was our first customer to benefit from shrink sleeves, which completely repositioned the company in the marketplace.

High-Spec Finishes

Having invested in a printing press that uses the very highest-spec HD plates, Nuprint can deliver exceptional quality shrink sleeve packaging for clients in just a few days. We’re also quite unique in offering cold foiling for shrink sleeves and can do colour cold foiling at any stage of the process, even overprinting the foil. Expertly designed and printed in HD,+ our shrink sleeves are available with innovative blackout backgrounds, as well as the standard clear and white options. We can apply any finishes – including metallic – and guarantee superior colour-matching, using our advanced X-Rite eXact colour measuring machinery.

Features Of Shrink Sleeves

  • Full 360° design coverage
  • More cost-effective than printing directly onto a can or a bottle
  • Also works as a protective seal for products.
  • Suitable for even the most complex containers.
  • Interactive print options
  • Any finishes / colours can be applied
  • More scope for brand personalisation
  • Fast turnaround