Wraparound Labels

We can produce wraparound labels on both our Conventional UV Flexo and HP Indigo digital presses, creating unique labelling for a range of industries. Whether you’re looking for peel and reveal labels, scratch or temperature resistant solutions, our team can work with you to find the best solution for your industry. Wraparound labels can be a cost-effective alternative to the traditional method which involves several labels adhered to one another to form a layered effect. The wraparound label is constructed as a single item, so it can loop over itself when applied to any product. We also offer double-sided printing options. An information-rich label, these labels can be applied to a number of different products, for food and dairy items – they can be a creative way to add extra information without taking away from the impact of the branding. For drinks and bottles, it can be a simple solution to create impact and reduce costs.

X-Rite Colour Management Technology

Through our X-Rite Colour Management Technology, we can ensure precise and consistent colour-matching on every label, whilst our International Shark 4,000 LEX inspection system guarantees consistent print colour, design and text. We can help you create high quality wraparound labels, whether you’re looking for a reel-fed solution with a matt, white voided, voided or transparent finish. Our team can help you find a solution built around your needs, using the latest technology. Make use of our conventional UV Flexo or HR Indigo Digital Presses – we’ll ensure we find the best option for your business.