As an organisation sustainability is integral to how we operate – we have a passion for both our people and the planet. Over the year our materials have changed considerably. Using FSC approved materials we understand that the, “future of the forest is in our hands.” We therefore use recycled content, none of our waste goes to landfill and we use only sustainable electricity and we only use what we can purchase.

A People-First Organisation

At Nuprint we place great value on our staff and understand that it’s their skills and passion which drive us forward as a business. Managing Director, Gavin Killeen believes that people are paramount to Nuprint’s success. Gavin places a strong emphasis on personal and professional development, constantly investing in team training and other opportunities whilst promoting their general health and wellbeing through workshops and other activities. We support the local community through school visits, and are active members of the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, Business in the Community and Arts and Business Northern Ireland.

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Caring For Our Planet

We all must take responsibility and accountability for how our actions and outputs impact the wider environmental landscape. As a labelling and print supplier we know that what we do is ‘more than just labelling’ and the world needs more sustainable packaging solutions and every choice matters. The power truly lies with printers and brands, and it is something that we take very seriously.

There are a number of ways that we seek to help and ensure that what we are doing is environmentally responsible through sourcing sustainable material and offering eco-friendly choices to our customers. We can act as an advisor to help guide you on the best sustainable practices for your company’s packaging and labelling needs.