TT Data Sensors

Quality control and traceability are key aspects to consider when food, dairy, drink and pharmaceutical products are embarking on their supply-chain journey to consumers. That’s why we’re investing in TT Sensor plus, an innovative smart label that can record time and temperature throughout the journey of your product.

The food and drinks industry currently uses expensive and bulky data loggers to record the journey of products. These often provide inaccurate and out-of-date data, and combined with human error may mean that key milestones of a journey are not logged, increasing the risk for retailers and manufacturers.

Our solutions

Through the use of TT Sensor Plus technology, we are able to offer a revolutionary way for food, drink, dairy and pharmaceutical companies to identify supply chain issues that compromise the quality of their products. TT Sensor Plus is a disposable, NFC enabled smart label that logs the time and temperature of a product as it moves through the supply chain, immediately flagging up if an item isn’t suitable for its intended use. The on-board chip can be read using any Android smartphone, with real-time data being uploaded to the cloud.

Our team can help you utilise this technology to improve quality control and real-time reporting.

Features Of TT Sensor Plus

– Provides real-time data on the supply chain journey of your product.
– Track and record temperature throughout pre-defined intervals.
– Eliminates the need for expensive and bulky data loggers.
– Applications for the food, drink, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.
– Native smartphone app.
– Data uploaded to the cloud.
– Helps you to deliver a high quality product to customers.
– Fast turnaround.